Carolyn Fornoff, Ph.D. candidate in Spanish & Portuguese at the University of Pennsylvania, is currently completing work on her dissertation, Species Sadness: Sex, Politics and Nonhuman Creativity in Latin America. This project traces narratives of human-animal kinship in twentieth-century Mexican and Central American literature and film. It takes the nahual—the Mesoamerican belief that each human individual is linked to an animal counterpart—as its starting point to explore how intimacy between humans and animals constitutes a mechanism through which writers and artists reconfigure normative ways of being ‘human.’

Carolyn is currently serving on the Academic Advisory board for the Penn Program in Environmental Humanities (PPEH), and was PPEH’s Program Coordinator for 2015-2016. In 2014, she founded Penn’s Anthropocene and Animal Studies reading group, which meets monthly. This year, she co-organized two interdisciplinary conferences at Penn: Timescales: Ecological Temporalities Across Disciplines (October 20-22, 2016)  and the Animals in the Archives symposium (October 27-28, 2016).

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